New Special Reporting Project: Bioenergy

Climate change is a complex problem that is propelling the development of alternatives to fossil fuel energy sources and schemes to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. This growing demand for alternative energy has resulted in the proliferation of prospective climate solutions that harness renewably grown organic material to generate energy, while limiting, eliminating, or

Requesting proposals for a consultant to evaluate a Mongabay project

Apply by August 25th, 2020 for a project evaluation consultancy. Mongabay is seeking a short-term consultant to conduct an external evaluation and provide an independent assessment of achievements generated by Mongabay and its partners as a result of the project “Addressing illegal deforestation through investigative journalism.” This 30-month-long project supports collaboration between Mongabay, Earthsight, The

New Opportunity – Staff Features Writer

Mongabay is excited to announce a new opportunity for a full-time features writer position. This position is expected to produce regular stories on conservation and environmental issues, published in English. The reporting responsibility includes coverage of the status of high conservation value forests, the intersection of land rights and environmental change, governance issues around natural resources

New Special Reporting Project: Roads and Rail in Island Southeast Asia

Road projects can have significant direct impacts by razing forests, fragmenting ecosystems and disrupting traditional land-tenure systems and ways of life. They also have additional knock-on effects, often literally paving the way for logging, poaching, mining and increased human settlement in wilderness areas. Mongabay is seeking pitches for stories on the potential social and environmental

New Special Reporting Project: Sumatran Rhinos

At this critical juncture, Mongabay is launching a special reporting initiative aimed at raising awareness about the Sumatran rhino and chronicling successes and setbacks in local and international efforts to save the species from extinction. Sumatran rhinos are among the rarest and most endangered animals on earth. The species’ wild population numbers no more than

New Opportunity: Bookkeeper Mongabay, India

Mongabay is excited to announce a full-time Bookkeeper who is based in India. The Bookkeeper, working with the Financial Controller, will help support the operation of Mongabay’s financial processes and is someone who can truly embrace new ideas and systematize processes in order to creatively manage the financial processes of a large, virtual, global organization.

New Opportunity: Video Manager

Online video news provides a powerful and popular way of covering compelling stories and reach new audiences. To scale up and systematize Mongabay’s video program, we’re hiring a Video Manager to create, commission, and edit original content sourced from a global network of videographers inspired by conservation and environmental science. For a full detailed job

New Opportunity: Program Associate

Mongabay is excited to announce a Program Associate position. Since its founding in 1999, has become one of the top sources for tropical forest news, analysis, and information on the Internet. The site today draws more than three million visitors per month, making it among the most visited eco-focused destinations on the internet. Mongabay is

New Opportunity: Investigations Editor

Mongabay is excited to announce an Investigations Editor position. Mongabay’s international team of editors and staff writers have produced impactful investigative reporting series on critical environmental and conservation issues including illegal wildlife and commodities trading, the dealings of international agribusiness and mining operations, and the fundamental transformation of ecosystems currently driving existential threats to biodiversity. To

New Opportunity: Staff Writer – Philippines

Mongabay is excited to announce a Staff Writer – Philippines position. Mongabay’s news coverage of environmental issues in the Philippines has been sporadic but impactful as Filipinos are a significant part of Mongabay’s audience. To increase our volume of high-quality locally-relevant environmental reporting, we’re partnering with Philippine EnviroNews and the Earth Journalism Network to expand

New Opportunity: Staff Writer – Madagascar

Mongabay is excited to announce a Staff Writer – Madagascar position. Mongabay has been covering environmental issues in Madagascar for almost 20 years. In addition to publications on our global site,, our Madagascar-reportage in English is compiled on a dedicated website, is expanding its coverage of environmental and conservation news in Madagascar and