Two Spring 2019 Internship Opportunities offers two exciting internship opportunities. The first opportunity primarily involves writing environmental news stories for our affiliated news site – Our interns will have the opportunity to develop their writing skills and have their news stories be published on our renowned website. The second opportunity, which started in the summer of 2018, is similar but it focuses on technology that plays

New Special Reporting Project: Great Apes

Great apes are balanced on the knife-edge of extinction. Mountain gorillas, Cross River gorillas, western and eastern lowland gorillas, and Sumatran, Bornean and Tapanuli orangutans are all now listed as Critically Endangered; chimpanzees and bonobos are Endangered. These species are in a fight for their lives that will play out over this century. They face

Mongabay Latam now hiring for an Editor

Mongabay Latam is hiring for a contributing editor in Peru or Colombia. The editor will commission, edit and publish Spanish-language environmental journalism articles on topics related to environment and conservation. Must be a native speaker of Spanish and have 6 years of experience in writing and editing + 1 in environmental issues. Knowledge of WordPress and

Mongabay-India is hiring for three new positions

Mongabay-India is a conservation and environment news and features service that aims to bring high quality, original reports from nature’s frontline in India. As the India-specific portal of the global news platform, this website follows the format of Mongabay’s dedicated Indonesia and Latin America news outlets. Mongabay-India is hiring for three new positions including a

New Reporting Opportunity: Global Agroforestry

Mongabay is excited to announce a new reporting opportunity: Global Agroforestry The world faces a multitude of challenges, yet some of the toughest ones–from climate change to hunger, food security, water shortages, soil degradation, and loss of biodiversity–could be solved in part by agroforestry. Many agronomists, sustainable farming experts, and scientists argue that this traditional

Mongabay Hiring for Three Positions

At the heart of Mongabay is a spirit of innovation. We’re open to trying new ideas, adapting existing models, and phasing out underperforming projects in our quest to deliver the best products and services given our resources. We are excited to announce three new positions. The Program Director will work closely with the Mongabay’s CEO,

Intern for Mongabay

Get published on a leading environmental news site, improve your writing ability, and become part of a community of passionate and talented journalists by interning at Mongabay! We are now launching our application for our Environmental Journalism Internship program for Summer of 2017. Applications are accepted until June 2, 2017 for our July – December 2017 term.