Five successes for Mongabay in 2020

Between the pandemic, widespread environmental policy setbacks, devastating fires and storms, civil strife, and rising authoritarianism, 2020 was a challenging year. Mongabay persevered through these difficult times, supporting its staff and contributor network, while continuing to produce impactful reporting. Five topline successes in 2020 Navigating the pandemic: In these times of hardship and great uncertainty,

Mongabay launches in Hindi, India’s most widely-spoken language

Mongabay, a non-profit conservation and environmental science news service with a monthly audience of over 10 million people, is excited to announce its expansion into Hindi, India’s most widely spoken language. Mongabay-Hindi will give Mongabay-India (which until now has published only in English) the ability to reach larger audiences and grow its network of journalists

Rhett Butler in 2004 on the banks of the Manambolo River.

Mongabay founder interviewed about his history with Madagascar

Mongabay founder Rhett A. Butler was recently interviewed by Rainbow Tours for its blog. In the interview, conducted by Rainbow Tours’ Madagascar & Alternative Africa product manager and author/conservation writer Derek Schuurman, Rhett talked about his inspiration for starting Mongabay, including the role his visits to Madagascar played in the site’s origin as well as

Bioacoustics paper published in Science

In 2017, Mongabay’s Conservation Effectiveness series looked at what the scientific literature tells us is working and not working in the field of conservation. The series produced award-winning reporting which generated wide-ranging discussions across conservation. One of the key conclusions from the project was that conservation studies generally haven’t been designed to rigorously assess effectiveness

Exhibition in Munich presents Mongabay founder’s photos

A photo exhibition in Munich, Germany is showcasing nature and wildlife images taken by Mongabay’s founder Rhett A. Butler in the rainforests of southeast Asia. The Exhibition, titled “Der verschwundene Wald” (“The Vanished Forest”), was organized by Susanne Nusser of and is being hosted by Stadtteilkulturzentrum Guardini90 (Guardinistr. 90, München). The exhibit — which

Saving jaguars in the Chaco (event recap)

Earlier this month Mongabay held a Bay Area Tropical Forest Network (BATFN) event at the Carnegie Institution’s Department of Global Ecology at Stanford University. The event featured Anthony Giordano of S.P.E.C.I.E.S and the Chaco Jaguar Conservation Project, who spoke about his efforts to conserve jaguars and their habitat in the Chaco ecosystem of Paraguay, Bolivia,

Conservation Effectiveness Live! – Mongabay event in Palo Alto Nov 13

Two months ago Mongabay launched “Conservation Effectiveness”, a multi-part series investigating the effectiveness of some of the most popular strategies and interventions to conserve ecosystems and wildlife around the world. The series is the result of a collaboration between Mongabay staff reporters Shreya Dasgupta and Mike Gaworecki, and a team of conservation scientists led by

Mongabay is seeking a research associate to help evaluate conservation effectiveness

Mongabay is working on a reporting project that combines science and journalism to evaluate the effectiveness of different conservation strategies. We are looking for scientists who have strong literature synthesis skills, are able to work independently in a rigorous and unbiased way with different types of scientific evidence, and are open-minded and willing to depart

Mongabay is hiring an Indonesia-based staff writer

Mongabay, a non-profit news media organization, currently seeks a full-time Indonesia-based staff writer to adapt content from our Indonesian-language site into English and do original English-language reporting on environmental issues in Indonesia. The Indonesian staff writer will be responsible for adapting articles on a near-daily basis about environmental issues — especially those related to coal,

New Reporting Opportunity – Conservation Effectiveness in Madagascar

Mongabay is excited to announce a new special reporting project that aims to explore the effectiveness of conservation spending and interventions in Madagascar. The project, housed under our Mongabay Reporting Network (MRN) program, is open to journalists with strong analytical skills, story-telling abilities, and experience in doing deep investigative reporting on complex issues. This project

Mongabay’s achievements in 2016 and a look ahead

2016 has been an exciting year of rapid growth and achievement for Mongabay, including organizational strengthening, expansion into new markets, and stepped-up content production. Our efforts in 2016 have strengthened Mongabay as an institution such that we’re producing higher quality content from correspondents in more places than ever before. Our Spanish-language news service is off