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Throughout April, the team at Mongabay is inviting you to become a sustaining donor. Monthly, reader support is key to keeping Mongabay’s independent environmental news free and available on a daily basis.

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Ten years ago, Mongabay became a reader-supported newsroom. As a nonprofit, our coverage isn’t influenced by advertisers and revenue-driven agendas. Instead, Mongabay is independent, objective, fact-based and impact-driven.

Founded on a belief that access to accurate and actionable information should be available to all, Mongabay also doesn’t have a paywall. Financial support from grants and individuals has enabled Mongabay to grow into a truly global media outlet with a network of more than 800 contributing journalists in 80-plus countries. Just this year, our Indonesia and Latam news bureaus celebrated their 10- and 5-year anniversaries.

Today, Mongabay is one of the top sources of environmental news on the Internet.

Also this year, Mongabay surpassed one billion page views. For a niche provider of environmental news like Mongabay this milestone reflects what’s possible when individuals like you come together in support of what started as a small passion project to provide an accessible, yet science-based source of information on tropical forests. Today the principal areas of Mongabay have grown to include the intersection of human rights and the environment, governance issues around natural resources industries, news and analysis relating to ecology and species, and threats to environmental defenders including Indigenous peoples.

“The interest in our content has far surpassed my wildest dreams,” Mongabay Founder and CEO Rhett Butler said.

As a sustaining supporter, you will be helping Mongabay reach another billion pageviews and continue to address known information gaps.

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