ANIMAL PLANET: A Birthday Exclusive – Q&A with Jane Goodall

SRI Fellow Wendee Nicole interviewed Jane Goodall for AnimalPlanet for her 80th birthday.  The piece highlights Jane Goodall’s achievements and touches on how empowering locals to take charge of their environment can help conserve tropical forests. Wendee Nicole: You are on the road 300 days a year. You’re turning 80. Do you plan to slow

ANIMAL PLANET: Top 10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Love Jane Goodall Special Reporting Initiatives winner Wendee Nicole published a story on AnimalPlanet. The piece highlights Jane Goodall’s achievements and touches on how empowering locals to take charge of their environment can help conserve tropical forests. World famous primatologist Jane Goodall turns 80 on April 3rd and there’s no better time than now to reflect on

SRA: Communicating the State of the Apes

Application Deadline: Sunday, April 6th – 2014 Logging, mining, and energy development have historically been major threats to ape populations worldwide. But does that have to be the case? The Arcus Foundation’s newly published State of the Apes Extractive Industries and Ape Conservation explores and challenges the idea of development needs and conservation efforts being

The Amazon: Here Comes Progress

The city of Itaituba, in western Pará state, is home to several construction projects of strategic interest for the Brazilian government. However, with local infrastructure fragile, residents are worried they will not share in the spoils.  The full report by Special Reporting Initiative Fellows Publica will be published in English soon.  Read the full report

Nobody listened to them

  Hydroelectric dams planned along the Brazil’s Tapajós River will evict over 2,500 people from small fishing communities and kill the fish they depend upon for survival, but the government is refusing to consult them about its plans. Special Reporting Initiative fellow Publica report from Brazil.  English version coming soon.  Click here to read the

Three SRI Winners Selected to Report on Drivers of Deforestation, Community Forestry, and Sustainable Seafood in China has selected winners of three environmental reporting prizes under its Special Reporting Initiatives (SRI) program. The three prizes, which were launched in January, explore the impacts of rising human consumption on forest and marine ecosystems. The winners, selected from more than 150 applicants by a panel of issue-area experts, include Robert S. Eshelman, Ruxandra

Two Journalists Awarded Prizes for Reporting on Pacific Fisheries

Recently, has announced the winners of two environmental reporting prizes under its Special Reporting Initiative (SRI) program.The prizes sought proposals to investigate questions around marine fisheries management in the Pacific. The first aims to explore the state of marine fisheries in Indonesia. The second, structured as a special reporting assignment, looks at locally managed

Radio Story: Diving Over

A Santa Cruz family threw in the towel to CA traffic, to move to a tiny Fiji island without traffic or central power. They constructed an intimate, off-grid dive resort, green-built in every sense of the word, serve meals from their organic garden, and invest heavily into the community. The length of time securing land’s 2013 Achievements

In 2013, formalized an internship program that published over 350 environmental science and conservation news articles on Mongabay-News, which as a whole published more than 1,300 articles; created 10 standards-based environmental education books for kindergarden and first-grade students; published over 1,000 articles in Indonesian on Mongabay-Indonesia and reached more than 3,000 Indonesians in person

Romantic Allure of LMMAS

It’s a romantic notion to put people in charge of their own resources, but it’s not that simple. This will explain the juggle of sometimes opposing goals and insight into cultural complexities and infrastructure needs – what are the challenges and what are the opportunities? An overview of LMMAS in Fiji (with probably an Ostrom

Fishing for Options

Creating alternative livelihoods to fishing sounds like the obvious solution, but it is not. That strategy has not been shown to take pressure off fisheries; in fact fishers find other ways to make money and still fish (or seaweed farms bring in more fisherman!).   You can’t just tell them to start raising fish. Though

Three New SRI Announced announces three new $20,000 environmental reporting prizes under its Special Reporting Initiatives program. Three new environmental journalism prizes will enable journalists to do in-depth reporting on three important environmental topics: the role of community forest management in addressing climate change, cleaning up commodity supply chains, and the market for more sustainable seafood in China.The

SRI: Cleaning up Commodity Supply Chains

Application Deadline: January 31st, 2014 The production of agricultural commodities (especially timber, pulp and paper, palm oil, beef, and soy) is a leading driver of deforestation and forest degradation. This SRI challenges you to bring new evidence and analysis into the discussion of the problems with commodity supply chains and how they can be restructured

SRI: Community Forestry As a Climate Change Solution

Application Deadline: January 31st, 2014 Growing evidence suggests that community control of forests provides conservation, development, and climate change mitigation benefits. But while the global area of forest owned by indigenous peoples and local communities has increased over the past decade, many forest dependent communities continue to face insecure tenure, overlapping or conflicting ownership claims,

SRI: Is There Demand for Sustainable Fisheries’ Products in China?

Application Deadline: January 31st, 2014 Our oceans are being plundered. Overfishing has become one of the most intractable and widespread problems in the natural world. To save this precious ecosystem, a global shift towards sustainable fishing practices is necessary. But if anything is going to truly change, experts say China must play a part. China