New Special Reporting Project: Sumatran Rhinos

At this critical juncture, Mongabay is launching a special reporting initiative aimed at raising awareness about the Sumatran rhino and chronicling successes and setbacks in local and international efforts to save the species from extinction. Sumatran rhinos are among the rarest and most endangered animals on earth. The species’ wild population numbers no more than

New Opportunity: Bookkeeper Mongabay, India

Mongabay is excited to announce a full-time Bookkeeper who is based in India. The Bookkeeper, working with the Financial Controller, will help support the operation of Mongabay’s financial processes and is someone who can truly embrace new ideas and systematize processes in order to creatively manage the financial processes of a large, virtual, global organization.

110,000+ signatures: Petition inspired by Mongabay story on a pristine but threatened PNG island keeps growing

A petition inspired by a Mongabay story has topped its goal of 110,000 signatures, and keeps growing. “Logging, mining companies lock eyes on a biodiverse island like no other” was published on July 31st by Mongabay and the online petition appeared about 10 days later after the story garnered much attention on social media platforms.

Indonesia for Sale series honored with Society of Environmental Journalists award

The Society of Environmental Journalists (SEJ) has given the second feature in the Indonesia for Sale series, “Ghosts in the Machine,” recognition under the Kevin Carmody Award for Outstanding In-depth Reporting as part of its annual awards for environmental journalism. Produced in partnership with The Gecko Project, the series has 3 main features so far plus

Mongabay in the news, May 2019

Mongabay’s reporting often appears beyond the bounds of our main website and its multiple language subdomains when other outlets republish or otherwise use our articles. In the past month many outlets used our work including Asia Times, which republished our feature on how shrimp farms threaten Myanmar’s remaining mangroves, and Pacific Standard, which posted a Mongabay feature

New Investigative Special Reporting Project: Cross-Border Commodities

Examining the origins of commodities and products is a rich field for investigative inquiry, with probes of supply chains revealing major cases of environmental criminality, human rights abuses and corruption, prompting action by policymakers. Yet accurately conveying the importance of local environmental trends often requires a collaborative approach to gain a deeper understanding of global

Rhett Butler in 2004 on the banks of the Manambolo River.

Mongabay founder interviewed about his history with Madagascar

Mongabay founder Rhett A. Butler was recently interviewed by Rainbow Tours for its blog. In the interview, conducted by Rainbow Tours’ Madagascar & Alternative Africa product manager and author/conservation writer Derek Schuurman, Rhett talked about his inspiration for starting Mongabay, including the role his visits to Madagascar played in the site’s origin as well as

Mongabay in the news, April 2019

Some top impressions for Mongabay in the media last month were in the journal Science which reported on our feature about glow in the dark frogs and Foreign Policy whose article about the presidential election in Indonesia referenced our 2-year investigation of corrupt land deals that underpin the expansion of palm oil in the country. Elsewhere, Public Radio International

Mongabay in the News, March 2019

The top impression for Mongabay in the media last month was Reuters reporting on our exposé about a Chinese bank-funded dam in endangered orangutan habitat allegedly relying on forged permits: their report was sent across the newswires and republished.  Chief Brazil correspondent Sue Branford was interviewed by the large National Public Radio (U.S.) environment show, Living on

New Opportunity: Video Manager

Online video news provides a powerful and popular way of covering compelling stories and reach new audiences. To scale up and systematize Mongabay’s video program, we’re hiring a Video Manager to create, commission, and edit original content sourced from a global network of videographers inspired by conservation and environmental science. For a full detailed job

[VIDEO] ‘Dawning Anew’ environmental journalism discussion at CU Boulder

In March, Mongabay staff were invited to visit the University of Colorado-Boulder to discuss our model for non-profit environmental journalism with their journalism students and environmental reporting fellows. As part of that trip an evening public discussion was planned – “Global Environmental Journalism: Under Siege or Dawning Anew?”– featuring Mongabay’s founder Rhett A. Butler and two contributing