Executive Board

Officers for
  • Alyson Blume (Chairman of the Board) is a social media expert at Zynga, formerly of Dreamworks Animation (USA)
  • Rhett A. Butler (Secretary of the Board) is the founder of and (USA).
  • Dr. Christopher Herndon (Treasurer of the Board) is a physician focusing on reproductive health and ethnobotanist with experience in Peru, Suriname, Colombia, and Venezuela (USA)

Directors for
  • Dr. Brodie Ferguson is an anthropologist and forest carbon project developer working with indigenous communities in Colombia and Brazil (Colombia/USA)
  • Dr. Marion O‚ÄôLeary is a recognized authority on the use of isotopes for studies in chemistry and biology. He is currently an advancement consultant at the Carnegie Institution for Science (USA)
  • Nancy Abraham is a financial advisor who runs the Abraham Foundation (USA)
  • Penn A. Butler is an attorney specializing in Chapter 11 bankruptcy and corporate restructuring (USA)
  • Peter Riggs was the founder and director of the Forum on Democracy & Trade before joining the Ford Foundation as a program officer. He is now an advisor at CLUA (USA)
  • Susan Sanchez is a scientist, strategic investor & executive advisor to renewable energy and product developers. (USA)
  • Tim Kelly is the former president of the National Geographic Society, conceiving of and leading the development of the National Geographic Channels (USA)
  • Triona Gogarty is a speech-language pathologist and elementary school teacher with 35 years experience working in early development and literacy (USA)
  • Dr. William F. Laurance is a rainforest ecologist now based at James Cook University in Cairns, Australia. He was formerly at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institution (Australia/USA)

Non-Executive Board

  • Dr. Peter Raven is a botanist who was formerly the director of the Missouri Botanical Garden. Today he is President Emeritus of the institution. (USA)

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