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Whether it was radio-collaring elephants across the savannas of South Africa, competing internationally alongside the Israeli national team in tennis, tracking saki monkeys through the rainforest in the sweltering mid-day heat of the Peruvian Amazon, or evaluating the practicalities of implementing technological solutions to conservation challenges, Sue Palminteri fully embraced all she pursued with rare tenaciousness, passion, and grace. Her persistence and intelligence enabled her to excel as an athlete, a conservation biologist, and a journalist, while her authenticity, upbeat nature, and companionship made her a good colleague, friend, and partner. That rare combination of qualities means that Sue’s death on November 30th at the age of 54 is an especially devastating loss both to the people who knew her and the plants and animals she diligently sought to protect.

To honor Sue’s interest in conservation, technology, and journalism, Mongabay and Conservation X-Labs started the Sue Palminteri Wildtech Reporting Fellowship in 2020. The fellowship provides opportunities for students to gain experience in conservation technology and writing. If you’d like to financially support this endeavor, you can make a donation using the function below. Your donation may be deductible.

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