Katie LaFleur joins the Mongabay board

Mongabay is excited to announce the arrival of our newest board member. Katie LaFleur, a social impact investor and fundraising enthusiast with over 15 years of experience in investing along ESG metrics, has joined Mongabay’s distinguished board of directors. LaFleur brings a sincere desire help Mongabay grow and mature as a world-class environmental journalism outlet.

Katie is quick to identify the value of environmental journalism and communicating science clearly, “Environmental journalism is critical for an educated population. If as a global society, we lose ground-truth reality, then common understanding, shared experience, and empathy of different opinions become impossible.”

She is equally passionate about environmental conservation.

“This is the only planet that everyone I will ever love will live on,” she said. “I don’t believe there is anything more personal than preserving the basic protection and safety of home for those you love. And as we are a global community, there is no boundary to those who are in our care and protection.”

At FullCycle, LaFleur oversees investor relations, where she distills complex financial information and manages internal and external communication. These skills will strengthen Mongabay’s board and contribute to the organization’s development and ability to attract resources, says Dave Martin, Director of Partnerships at Mongabay.

“Katie has an electric personality and absolutely lights up the room she’s in. She is very focused on her work in finding financial mechanisms to mitigate climate change at FullCycle and I’ve learned a lot from her already. She loves nature and understands the role Mongabay plays in conserving it. Oh, and she actually likes fundraising! We are incredibly fortunate to have her on board.”

“We’re thrilled to have Katie join Mongabay’s board,” said Mongabay Founder and CEO Rhett A. Butler. “Katie brings a deep reverence for nature. She also understands how investment and finance can shape policy and influence global trends for a sustainable future.”

Despite a challenging year, from the global pandemic to historic social unrest to devastating disasters worsened by climate change, LaFleur will join Mongabay during a period of rapid organizational growth and development. For example, Mongabay’s websites have attracted more than 10 million readers every month of 2020 so far, our reporting network now exceeds 650 contributors from about 80 countries, and we’ve built capacity for regular multi-language video production and deep dive investigative journalism.

Welcome to the Mongabay board, Katie!

“A favorite saying of mine from youth activist Xiuhtezcatl Martinez is ‘We are not defending nature, we are nature defending itself.’ There is no us and them in taking care of our planetary home, we are only one link among many in the balance of the natural world.” – Katie LaFleur