Mongabay Founder interviewed by ‘No Ordinary Business’

Mongabay’s Founder & CEO Rhett A. Butler is the focus of a new feature at “No Ordinary Business,” a forum associated with Dana Philanthropy. Host Gina Pereira introduces the conversation this way:

“In today’s highly politicised climate, it is a struggle to find media coverage that is purely fact-based. Even across the conservation world, much of environmental news is published by advocacy groups and is therefore focused on particular agendas. On the other hand, there is Mongabay, a fact-based non-advocacy online news service dedicated to informing the readership of social and environmental issues related to forests and other ecosystems.” 

Gina and Rhett discuss the origins of Mongabay, the challenges and opportunities of running a media outlet like it, how Mongabay is navigating the massive changes in the media landscape, and future initiatives.

Read the interview here.

Banner image: Rhett Butler.