Mongabay hosts September 4 program on how technology is protecting ocean ecosystems


Mongabay readers and friends in the Bay Area of California are invited to join founder & CEO Rhett A. Butler on September 4 in San Francisco as he moderates a roundtable discussion at The Commonwealth Club about new technological applications that boost marine conservation efforts.

There is an accelerating effort among ocean scientists, advocates and technologists to harness new technologies for marine conservation. These technologies, which include satellite sensors, drones and artificial intelligence can be used to monitor and manage marine ecosystems—discovering new coral reefs, identifying illegal or unsustainable fishing fleets, and exposing destructive coastal development. Our panel will discuss what’s already working in this space and also what technologies might soon be available to protect and create healthy and safe marine environments in the Bay Area and around the world.

The expert panel:

  • Robin Martin, Carnegie Institution for Science at Stanford University
  • Joe Mascaro, PhD, Director of Academic Programs at Planet, the Bay Area-based satellite company
  • David Kroodsma, Research Director at Global Fishing Watch

For tickets and information, visit the Commonwealth Club website:

Tuesday, September 4 @ 6:00 PM

The Commonwealth Club
110 The Embarcadero
Toni Rembe Rock Auditorium
San Francisco, 94105

We hope you can join us! If you cannot, please tell a friend.