Mongabay hosts sold out ‘tech in conservation’ event (video)


Can technology drive conservation?

“That was the question Mongabay founder Rhett Butler recently posed to a panel of three specialists on the frontlines of applying technology to conserve key species and ecosystems.

On September 27, 2017, Mongabay and the Commonwealth Club of California hosted the panel, who discussed with a full-house audience in San Francisco the possibilities for advanced technology to aid conservation efforts worldwide.

Butler moderated the panel, which consisted of Crystal Davis, director of Global Forest Watch, Topher White, founder and CEO of Rainforest Connection, and Virgil Zetterlind, director of Protected Seas and Chief Technology Officer for Conserve I.O.

The panelists provided an overview of technology’s potential to support conservation efforts, some of the conditions that enable technology to play this role effectively, and other factors that may affect its application to conservation action.”

– Sue Palminteri, writing for Mongabay’s WildTech unit

Watch the full event video here: