Mongabay in the media, September and August 2017

Our original reports are referenced and republished widely, and in multiple languages. One highlight of the past two months was the story we published about a newly rediscovered Amazonian monkey species that has not been seen alive by scientists in 80 years getting picked up by numerous outlets, from National Geographic News to Gizmodo and the Huffington Post. Likewise, Buzzfeed republished a good news style feature about an inspiring cross border effort to find and rescue one-horned rhinos swept across the Indo-Nepal border by monsoon floods.

Here are those stories and a selection of other places where Mongabay’s reporting turned up during August and September 2017:

AFK Insider, Africa Science News, Analitica, Asia Times, Atlas Obscura, Brazzil, Buzzfeed, El Deber, Deustche Welle, Entwicklungspolitik, Earth Island Journal, Eco-Business, Ecowatch, El Espectador, Gizmodo, The Guardian, Huffington Post, IC Indigenous News, The Intercept, International News Lens, Jakarta Globe, Lado B, Latin America Bureau, Mental Floss, Mother Nature Network, National Geographic News, National Geographic Voices, New Security Beat, News Deeply, Pacific Standard, Publimetro, RPP Noticias, SciDev, Scroll, La Semana, Slate, Smithsonian, Telesur TV, Time, Truthout, The Wire, Yahoo News, Yale Environment 360, The Zimbabwean, and ZME Science.

Photo by Rhett Butler for Mongabay.