Mongabay in the news, March 2020

Our reporting appears regularly beyond the bounds of the main website and multiple language subdomains when other outlets republish or otherwise use it via our Creative Commons license. Such as was the case when the major Italian daily La Stampa republished our story about the growing tradition in Sardinia of a kind of carbon-sequestering agriculture called silvopasture, where livestock are grazed under tree cover, or when other outlets rely on our reporting to inform their own, like The Guardian‘s mention of hopeful news out of China and The Weather Channel which quoted from our reporting for its own report about a new device being trialed to clean plastic debris from rivers.

We encourage fellow media outlets to republish our features in their own publications: review our policy and guidelines here.

Here’s a selection of instances where our reporting was republished, cited, discussed, or reported on by various media outlets during March 2020:

Asia Pacific Report,, Cambodia Daily, The Canary, El Colombiano, Common Dreams, CounterPunch, Courrier International, Dialogo Chino, EFE Verde, EJU TV, Earth Island Journal, Eco-Business, Eco-Watch, Eurasia Review, Finance Colombia, The Guardian, Huffington Post, IFL Science, Insight Crime, Latin America News Dispatch, Mother Nature Network, NASA Earth Observatory, National Geographic, The New Leam, The News Minute, Outdoor Journal, Pulitzer Center, Quartz, Science Times, The Scientist, Scroll, The Sentinel, Speak up for Blue Podcast, Spektrum, La Stampa, Timber Trades Journal, Washington Times, The Weather Channel, The Wire, Yahoo News India, Yahoo Finance, Yale Environment 360, and Yes Magazine.

Banner image: Proboscis monkey, Sabah, Malaysia by Rhett A. Butler.