Mongabay in the news, May 2019

Mongabay’s reporting often appears beyond the bounds of our main website and its multiple language subdomains when other outlets republish or otherwise use our articles. In the past month many outlets used our work including Asia Times, which republished our feature on how shrimp farms threaten Myanmar’s remaining mangroves, and Pacific Standard, which posted a Mongabay feature about companies getting fined for Amazon deforestation.

Some other top impressions for Mongabay in the media last month appeared in the journal Science and also on Hawaii Public Radio, which used our reporting in a piece about the death of a rare rhino, which Smithsonian also did. Elsewhere, our reporter Karla Mendes was the subject of a radio interview on WORT in Madison, WI about her reporting from Brazil about the struggle for indigenous land rights under the new president.

Mongabay reports are regularly republished like this under our Creative Commons license, and we encourage other media outlets to use our features in their own publications (review our reuse policy and guidelines here).

Here’s a selection of outlets where our reporting was republished, cited, or re-reported during May 2019:

Animal Politico, Asia Times, Business Insider, CNBC, Cambodia Daily, El Comercio, Common Dreams, El Deber, Diario Metro, El Disconcierto,, Eco-Business, Ecowatch, Ethiopia Observer, FirstPost, The Guardian, Hawaii Public Radio, HuffPost India, India Times, Inhabitat, Lado B, Live Science, The Logical Indian, La Mula, The News International, Pacific Standard, El Pais, The Print, Publimetro, Pulitzer Center, Quartz, The Quint, Reader’s Digest, La Red 21, La Republica, SSPX News, Science, Scroll, La Semana, Smithsonian, Undercurrent News, WORT-MadisonThe Week, and The Wire.

Banner image of an okapi by Rhett Butler for Mongabay.