Mongabay in the news – November 2015

A number of organizations, blogs, and news outlets republished our content, cited our stories, and mentioned the site. Below is a partial list.

News outlets

Nature,,,,,,, Canada Free Press, Climate News Network, Democratic Underground, New York Times,,, Ecosystem Marketplace,, ENN,, Esquire,,, Jakarta Globe,, NPR, PBS, Peru This Week, Peruvian Times, Policy Innovations, QZ, Scientific American, Smithsonian, Cambodia News, The Conversation, Tech in Asia, The Ecologist, WBUR,, Vox, and Washington Monthly.


ALERT-Conservation,,, Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation, Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization,,, Amazon Conservation Association, ACEER, Amazon Aid, Amphibia Web, Andes-Amazon Fund, WRI, Blue Moon Fund, Chain Reaction Research, Climate Trust, Fauna and Flora International, Friends of the Earth International, Forest Trends, Forest Peoples Programme, Friends of Snakes, Greenomics, Greenpeace,,, ZSL, Missouri Botanical Garden, Pachamama Alliance, Philadelphia Zoo,, Rainforest Alliance, The Center for People and Forests, Society of Environmental Journalists, Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme,, RSPO,, Woods Hole Research Center, WCN, World Watch, and WWF.

Blogs,,,,,, India Business & Biodiversity Initiative,, Care2,,,, Ecology Asia,,,,,,,,,,, WildPolitics, and


Biodiversity and Conservation,, Wake Forest University, Oregon State, UCSC, and Sewanee University.


Embassy of Peru, FAO, and NOAA.