Mongabay is seeking a research associate to help evaluate conservation effectiveness

Mongabay is working on a reporting project that combines science and journalism to evaluate the effectiveness of different conservation strategies. We are looking for scientists who have strong literature synthesis skills, are able to work independently in a rigorous and unbiased way with different types of scientific evidence, and are open-minded and willing to depart from the traditional academic work.

This project contributes to a growing demand for evidence on the actual, on-the-ground impact of different conservation strategies, helping the public, conservation practitioners, donors, and decision makers make sense of a large but disparate body of literature. The evidence on each conservation strategy will be presented in an engaging, interactive, approachable, yet rigorous way, together with an investigative story about each strategy by a Mongabay staff writer.

We are looking for one or two scientists (advanced graduate students, postdocs) who will carry out a literature review on a specific conservation strategy, collaborate with a journalist on creating a story, and help make interactive visualizations of the collected evidence. Funds for 1-3 months of research work will be available. Projects will have to be completed by mid-December 2017. Examples of the strategies that we are interested in include, but are not limited to regulations of trade with wildlife, environmental law enforcement, environmental advocacy, ecotourism, land purchase schemes, protected areas, including marine protected areas, and others.

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