Mongabay seeks developer to build next generation of environmental news site

The inspiration for launching Mongabay: the rainforest in Borneo. was founded in the late 1990s and now contains a massive trove of photos, articles, and other content. While the site has served us and our readers well, it is time for an update to improve performance, add new features, and upgrade the look of the site.

We are therefore seeking a developer to help us build the next generation of Mongabay. We’re seeking a developer who

  • has LAMP expertise and extensive experience with ruby or python;
  • is up on the latest best practices for server setup and administration;
  • is responsive and reliable;
  • can work independently and meet mutually agreed deadlines;
  • and is driven by our mission to raise awareness about wildlife and wild places.

The project involves:

  • setting up a new server/instance and migrating static html content
  • building a new CMS (likely adapted from an off-the-shelf platform)
  • migrating content from the old RoR-based CMS to the new CMS

We’re open-minded about the platform (ruby, python, PHP) provided it supports some key features we’ve laid out.

Jan 31, 2015: This opportunity is now closed. We’re in the process of selecting a developer.