Mongabay seeks pitches about great apes and gibbons

Ape species are in a fight for their lives that will play out over this century and Mongabay will continue to report this story to raise public attention about the issues facing great apes and gibbons.

Mongabay welcomes new story proposals for print, video, data, and multimedia reporting. For a full detail description and how to submit your pitch, please click here.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Analyses of threats to apes, including deforestation, industrial agriculture, energy and infrastructure development, extractive industries, human-wildlife conflict, disease, the bushmeat trade, the trade in ape parts, and the exotic pet trade.
  • Conservation solutions: success stories and failures, community-based solutions, law-enforcement innovations and other high- and low-tech approaches to tackling threats facing gibbons and great apes.
  • New research and discoveries, particularly findings that could have implications for conservation strategies.
  • Profiles of scientists, activists and policymakers making significant or novel contributions to ape conservation.

Mongabay’s recent coverage includes articles about  extractive industries and largescale infrastructure impacts on apes, interviews with scientists, new research, threats against protected areas and critical ape habitat, COVID-19 impacts on apes and conservation, illicit ape trafficking, as well as case studies of promising conservation strategies.