Mongabay-Wildtech Accepting Pitches: Conservation Technology

Technology now plays a crucial role in improving our understanding and protection of nature.

Scientists and decision-makers need timely and reliable tools and data to assess the status and trends of species and ecosystems. Front-line conservationists want to understand the range of technology options before investing scarce resources. However, the challenges of keeping up with and mastering emerging technologies that might be applicable to a conservation objective are daunting.

Mongabay-Wildtech has since become a trusted source of independent coverage of both existing and emerging technologies and has demonstrated a keen eye for recognizing cutting-edge technologies with the potential to transform nature conservation and research.

Wildtech has posted over 220 articles on a wide range of innovations, from camera traps in trees and acoustic monitoring of bees, to virtual reality in the classroom and DNA analysis in the rainforest, and drones in the fight against wildlife poaching.

The series is now looking for article pitches that will foster a better understanding of how and where technology is being used to facilitate research and conservation of nature.

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