New Reporting Opportunities: Asia-Focus

Mongabay is excited to announce four new reporting opportunities within our Mongabay Reporting Network program.

Articles produced under these four opportunities will be focused on Asia: Asian rhinos, Indonesian Coal, Mekong dams and Infrastructure expansion in Indonesia, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea.


Asian Rhinos

Asian rhinoceroses are amongst the world’s rarest and most threatened animals. Mongabay is seeking story pitches for a multi-year project on Asian rhinoceroses, including the Sumatran, Javan, and Indian one-horned rhino. Proposals for both news updates and in-depth features will be considered. Read the details here.

Mekong dams

Stretching more than 4,000 kilometers from the Tibetan Plateau to the South China Sea, the Mekong is one of the world’s great river systems. Mongabay welcomes story pitches on the environmental and social impacts of dams along the Mekong and neighboring river systems. Priority countries for coverage are Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Stories from Myanmar and southern China will also be considered. Read the details here.

Indonesian Coal

Coal burning is a major climate threat. Indonesia’s push to build scores of coal-fired power plants could lock in coal demand for decades, while driving carbon emissions, worsening air and water pollution, and resulting in further environmental degradation including forest destruction. Expanded coal demand will also exacerbate social conflict, land-grabbing, corruption, and further concentration of wealth and power in the hands of oligarchs. Yet this coal development can still be stopped. Highlighting the dangers and risks of coal expansion among the public, policymakers, and international financiers could spur a shift toward greener and more equitable forms of energy. Read the detail here.

Infrastructure expansion in Indonesia, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea

Indonesia, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea all have economic development plans that call for increased investment in infrastructure: new roads and railroads through wilderness areas; massive land reclamation projects; hydroelectric dams; coal and natural gas-fired power plants, and more. Mongabay is seeking pitches for stories on the potential social and environmental impacts of proposed infrastructure projects in these countries. Proposals for both news bulletins and in-depth investigations are welcome. Read the details here.