New Reporting Opportunity – Cattle and Central American Forests

Mongabay is excited to announce our new Cattle and Central American Forests Mongabay Reporting Network (MRN), which aims to inform the world about the scale, scope, and impact of cattle production on Central America’s forests and wildlife at the regional level.

Pasture lands are one of the main drivers of destruction and degradation of tropical forests in Central America. They are often located on the most fertile lands in the region (volcanic and floodplain soils) which had supported lush forests. Driven by demand, the expansion has continued, and now, small-scale farmers are being displaced for further expansion of pasture land, and they in turn are increasingly clearing forests in order to regain their lost livelihoods.

Articles produced under this MRN will focus on the following topics: illegal cattle production, the role of national governments, the fate of small-scale farmers, the relationship between illegal cattle ranching and narcotrafficking, the relationship between cattle ranching and deforestation, the impacts of the current situation on indigenous communities, and solutions to the problem.

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