New Reporting Opportunity: Global Agroforestry

Mongabay is excited to announce a new reporting opportunity: Global Agroforestry

The world faces a multitude of challenges, yet some of the toughest ones–from climate change to hunger, food security, water shortages, soil degradation, and loss of biodiversity–could be solved in part by agroforestry. Many agronomists, sustainable farming experts, and scientists argue that this traditional system of agriculture, which often combines tall woody perennials like trees and shrubs with annual crops, ought to be implemented more widely, since it produces food, fuel, fodder, and fiber while drawing carbon out of the atmosphere, while also providing habitat for animals and plants, and building local water tables and soil profiles. therefore seeks story pitches for this series that will foster a better understanding of the scale, scope, and impact of agroforestry systems from the local to global levels, with a special emphasis on indigenous peoples’ implementation of it and a geographical interest in (though not limited to) Melanesia (Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands, Fiji, and Papua New Guinea), the African Rift Valley (Kenya and Ethiopian Highlands), Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan), northern Australia, and northwestern Mexico.

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