New Special Reporting Project: Bioenergy

Climate change is a complex problem that is propelling the development of alternatives to fossil fuel energy sources and schemes to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. This growing demand for alternative energy has resulted in the proliferation of prospective climate solutions that harness renewably grown organic material to generate energy, while limiting, eliminating, or negating greenhouse gas emissions.

This series will take a sustained look at bioenergy using a solutions journalism approach, evaluating how well they address the climate problem, while also looking at how these solutions affect a plethora of other socio-environmental issues. Collectively, the stories in this series will provide an objective look at the pluses, minuses, and trade-offs of various bioenergy processes as they are being developed and utilized around the globe.

Mongabay is not currently accepting pitches for this project. 

For a full detailed description of the project, please click here.