New Special Reporting Project: Changing Africa

Credit: Flore de Preneuf, PROFOR

The African continent is undergoing accelerating changes. Urban and rural populations alike are growing rapidly, paced by rising demand for things like food and fuel, electricity and construction materials. The continent has also been a site for the extraction of resources propping up the wealthy North for centuries – palm oil, rubber, slaves; timber, crude oil, coltan – with often devastating impacts on the environment. Looming over all of this are the growing impacts of global warming on harvests, habitat, rivers, coastlines.

There are complex choices ahead for people and policymakers in Africa and beyond. The Changing Africa project will look at these in the context of the natural world that everything rests upon, strengthening accurate and useful understandings of wildlife and ecosystems, considering both fruitful and harmful connections between conservation and development, and contributing to better protection of the natural world.

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