New Special Reporting Project: Great Apes

Great apes are balanced on the knife-edge of extinction. Mountain gorillas, Cross River gorillas, western and eastern lowland gorillas, and Sumatran, Bornean and Tapanuli orangutans are all now listed as Critically Endangered; chimpanzees and bonobos are Endangered. These species are in a fight for their lives that will play out over this century. They face bad odds and massive threats including rapid wholesale deforestation due to industrial agriculture — especially oil palm production — logging, mining, energy production, and the pressures of rapid human population growth in Asia and Africa. Projections of human development patterns indicate that ninety percent of great ape habitat will be disturbed by humans by 2030 — making action now imperative.

Mongabay is launching a Great Apes SRP (special reporting project) article series, to be published in the last quarter of 2018 through June 2019, bringing public attention to these issues.

We’re looking for well written news stories that analyze individual threats; that profile trailblazing great ape scientists and conservationists; or that feature innovative solutions — ranging from community involvement and empowerment, to more effective law enforcement (think drones, camera traps), and more. Articles can highlight case studies, key new findings, and stories of great ape conservation across Asia and Africa.

The stories will appear first on Mongabay, but authors will be encouraged to also sell their stories to third party media outlets, both mainstream publications and industry publications.

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