Op-ed for Sydney Morning Herald about Sumatran rhinos penned by Mongabay senior correspondent

Senior correspondent Jeremy Hance argued in an opinion piece for the Sydney Morning Herald that we should save the Sumatran rhino, the world’s oldest, smallest, and cutest rhino from extinction not only because losing biodiversity is bad for the health of humanity’s environment, but also “because we can.”

Mongabay sent Hance to Indonesia in 2017 to visit the remaining Sumatran rhinos (estimates vary from 30 left on the one hand, to maybe 100 on the optimistic side) in the forests and protected sanctuaries where captive breeding is having some limited success.

He produced a 4-part series on the issue, learn more about that and read his op-ed for the Herald here.

Banner image: Female Sumatran rhino with calf in Way Kambas, Sumatra, Indonesia. Photo by Rhett A. Butler for Mongabay.com.