Overcoming the fake news deluge: an opportunity to support Mongabay


The “spirit of giving” has arrived at Mongabay’s doorstep this holiday season! With gratitude Mongabay is pleased to announce that another donor has offered $10,000 for an end-of-year matching gift opportunity. All donations will be matched one to one until we reach our $10,000 goal – this offer ends the first week of January.

By supporting Mongabay, one can reassert the importance of real journalism and analysis as a methodology for tackling pressing environmental issues. Rhett Butler, founder and CEO of Mongabay, believes the organization’s accurate reporting results partly from its business model.

“Because Mongabay is not for profit, we can focus on presenting the facts without bias or sensationalizing. We don’t need click bait to drive traffic for ad revenue. Our readers demand fact-based journalism, and they are the source of our income.”

Over the years, Mongabay has garnered the respect of conservationists, policy makers, scientists and everyday citizens alike because of its reliable reporting. The rise and apparent ramifications of “fake news”, targeted misinformation campaigns, and an incoming US administration that is hostile to the media all threaten journalism as a primary mechanism that informs society.

“It’s an alarming development”, says Dave Martin, director of partnerships for Mongabay. “It demonstrates that now, more than ever, is the time to support accuracy in reporting, science, and the predominance of factual information. I’m hoping that people who care about these issues really double down on supporting great organizations in order to counter balance such emerging threats”.

Mongabay has years of experience offering high-quality reporting, and aims to continue to be a go-to resource for reliable conservation news and analysis.

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