I used to be a garment merchandizer in a German Company after my secondary school in Hong Kong before I came to Australia in 2007. I picked up my schoolbag, which I have thrown behind for ages again in 2010, studying interpreting and translation and gained my qualifications in the captioned areas in 2012. Currently I start my second career as an independent translator and interpreter in Australia.

I sniff around for the chances to accumulate the related experiences, through Translation For Progress I met and became her translator since 2014. Besides translation, interpreting is also of my interest. Translation is an art of words’ picking whilst interpreting is an instant challenge on the mind and tongue. Both skills can help people eliminate the language barriers that I enjoy. As I like writing, talking and helping, thus I have also been benefited from.

完成中學之後我在香港一家德國公司當merchandizer 直到2007年, 之後來到澳洲。 在2010年我重拾掉下很久的書包, 修讀翻譯和傳譯課程並在2012年獲得相關資格。 目前在澳洲從事獨立翻譯及傳譯的工作。

我到處打聽可累積有關經驗的機會, 透過Translation For Progress 我遇到, 在2014年成為她的翻譯。 除了翻譯, 傳譯都是我的興趣。 翻譯是一門挑選文字的藝術而傳譯是對腦袋和舌頭的即時考驗。 這兩種技能都是幫助人們移除語言障礙, 我既享受文字, 講話和助人之樂, 所以我也都從中受惠。