THE APPLICATION PERIOD FOR THE GFRN HAS CLOSED. Please check back for future opportunities.

Do you have to be from the US to apply?

No, everyone is allowed to apply. In fact, we particularly encourage applicants from one of our focus areas.

Do I have to be located in one of the focus areas in order to be eligible?

No. Many stories can be reported on remotely by using data from Global Forest Watch (GFW) and information from other sources.

Do you have to speak English to apply?

Yes. Your application must be in English as your articles must be written in fluent English (though they may be translated into foreign languages at a later time).

Does applying early raise my chances of being accepted?

Yes. The program has a rolling deadline, so we will close the application period once we reach our target number of journalists.

Will I hear back from you if I am not selected?

Yes, you will receive an email either way after the review board’s decision. Please do not email staff asking for updates on your application status.

Can you provide feedback on a rejected application?

No, unfortunately due to the volume of applications and the individual nature of each proposal, we are not able to give specific feedback on your application or proposal.

How much content will GFRN journalists be expected to produce?

This will depend on the region being covered, but we are generally expecting each journalist to produce 10-20 pieces by Febuary, 2015.

What is the pay rate?

We will be paying $0.10USD/word after editing, regardless of where you are located.

How long will pieces be expected to be?

In general, each article should be between 500-1000 words in length.

How would I get paid?

We will be using either PayPal or MoneyGram to transmit funds. Please first check to see if you’re located in a region served by PayPal. Since PayPal is completely electronic, this is our preferred method. However, if your country doesn’t support PayPal, you can see if there’s a MoneyGram agent in your city. If paid through MoneyGram, you will need to visit an agent in-person, who will convert and give you your payment.

Would I be responsible for the transfer fees?

No. Mongabay will pay the transfer fee.

Do I need to be familiar with Geographical Information System (GIS) technology?

No. The GFW site, while using GIS technology, was designed to be used by those without a background in GIS.

Will you hold trainings for selected journalists?

Yes. and World Resources Institute will hold virtual meetings in which we will supply you with tutorials as to how to most effectively use Global Forest Watch to obtain data and create images and gifs to supplement your pieces.

Who will evaluate submissions?

Your application will be reviewed by Mongabay staff.

What criteria will be used to evaluate an application?

We will evaluate proposals based on the professionalism of the application (spelling, grammar, organization, etc.), the recommendation of references, your potential to get your stories published in external media outlets, and the demonstrated quality of your previous work.

Who funds you? raises money from foundations and individual donors. See our 990 filings and our annual report for more details.

Will funders have editorial control over GFRN stories?

No, the funder has no editorial role in the GFRN. You will work with a professional editor who has no relationship to the funder.

Want to apply?

Check out our Application Guidelines for more details.

Still have more questions?

Email Mongabay’s GFRN Coordinator, Morgan Erickson-Davis.