Alejandra Cetina, Colombia, is a student in her last semester of a degree in Journalism and Public Opinion in Universidad del Rosario. She’s been working in journalism for five years focusing on human rights, armed conflict, youth and politics. At the moment, she collaborates with the independent portal ‘Rutas del Conflicto’ and she used to be a journalist with Caracol Radio. In 2021 she was awarded with the Ana Cristina investigative journalism internship, created by Cuestión Pública and the Heinrich Boll Foundation.

She has experience with data journalism and thanks to studying Big Data was part of the team that developed the database and article ‘Colegios de la guerra: otras víctimas del conflicto armado’ (Schools of war: other victims of the armed conflict). She also studied historical memory at the Antioquia University and a short course in political and sport journalism in the Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina.

She enjoys writing and her love for literature helped her obtain, in 2019, the Pablo Neruda National Poetry Award. That year she was selected to take part in the creative writing course offered by the Instituto Distrital de las Artes in Bogota.

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