Grace Hansen

Grace is a lawyer, teacher, and journalist who is specifically interested in writing about the intersection and impact of environmental policy and education. As a teacher, she feels that knowledge about nature and conservation has never been more vital.

Originally from Idaho, she spent her childhood exploring Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, which instilled a deep sense of respect and gratitude for the natural world. After graduating with her undergraduate degree in journalism, Grace attended law school in New York City and Provo, Utah. It was there, in an environmental law class, that her appreciation for nature matured. She developed an awareness of the many policy and legal issues both working to protect and threatening to undermine the environment. This sparked a passion that threads through all of her current work. As a freelance journalist, Grace has contributed to The Center for Humans and Nature, Back Sports Page, and East Idaho News. Any topics concerning environmental conservation, whether local or international, intrigue her. She hopes to continue her career in journalism and deepen her understanding and coverage of the environment.

When not working, Grace enjoys traveling, reading, playing with her niece—who is generally pretending to be a dog, and hiking around the Mountain West with her actual dog. To see more of Grace’s writing, follow @gracehansen on Twitter or check out her website: