Julian began writing as an intern for mongabay.com in the spring of 2014, after years of loyal readership.  Graduating with a degree in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology from Harvard in 2012, he currently resides in San Francisco.  In 2010, following a three-month stint working as a field assistant in Panama, he became hooked on tropical forests.  Since then, he has worked in Peru’s Madre de Dios researching Brazil Nut and selective logging interactions, as well as Guatemala’s Izabal province establishing a monitoring system for an NGO agroforestry project with Q’eqchi’ mayans.  He has also worked in Colombia, at CIAT in Cali and with COCOMASUR near the Panamanian border, where he helped support an afrocolombian community forest- all the while enjoying an ever more confusing amalgam of local spanish slang.

Over the course of these various field experiences, Julian’s interest has shifted from a natural science understanding of the environment to a social science approach in understanding how people relate to and care for their land.  As part of this changing interest, he is exploring the role of communication with a broader audience, including documentary film work and popular science writing with mongabay.com.

Julian plans to pursue graduate study at the University of Florida starting in the fall of 2015.  In the meantime, when not saving trees by working with people, he likes to play anything with strings, get in the ocean or climb on rocks. You can follow his adventures at: www.julianresearch.blogspot.com


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