Juliette Portala

A writing lover since she has had a pen in hand, Juliette has grown a fervour for environmental justice, one story after the other. From France to South Korea, she studied physics, literature and business before setting sail for Vietnam, where she found a second home.

Juliette has covered stock markets for Reuters in Poland with a focus on sustainable finance and fossil fuel players – “keep your enemies closer,” they say! Standing where economy meets ecology, she is now taking a leap and wishes to confront the lack of climate change news coverage as a freelance reporter, finding her own way between storytelling and activism. She is also volunteering as an investigative journalist for an animal rights association and, in her spare time, most likely crawling on the street to feed and treat stray cats, come rain or shine.

There is an enslaving perception that doing good costs more: isn’t it time to defy it? Well, Juliette is all in and hopes to incite critical conversations around global warming to keep things moving. This is a domino effect, so let’s talk about it. If you want to reach out to her, write at [email protected].