Mariana is a journalist from Guadalajara, México, focused on a narrative and investigative approach. She writes about human rights, gender, environment, culture and international politics. She has a degree in journalism from the University of Guadalajara.

Her profile is rooted in cultural journalism. She started her career in the cultural section of her hometown’s newspapers, where she used to write about all kinds of artistic forms. Later, she was an editor and reporter in the international section of Reporte Índigo newspaper, where she published articles about migration in the south border of Mexico.

In the last few years she has shifted her career to environmental journalism. She has written about Indigenous communities using water catchment systems, and mining companies polluting rivers and forests.

She is now a freelance journalist finishing her mater’s degree in narrative journalism and is part of the sixth generation of RedLatam’s Young Journalists network.

Find out more about her on Twitter o Linkedin.