Noah Tobias

Noah grew up hiking and camping in North Carolina’s Smoky Mountains, but he didn’t plan to study the environment until he got to university. After a few semesters, he figured out that his intended career track – foreign affairs – wasn’t as interesting as peering at the creatures in the woods around him. To keep a foot in both doors, Noah graduated from the University of North Carolina with degrees in environmental studies and global studies. He currently lives in Senegal, where hopes to explore untold stories on community resilience, climate change, and scientific research.

He has written for a variety of digital publications, tackling subjects from the global food system to corporate misdeeds. He loves working with data and uncovering the narratives in numbers, but is just as happy chasing stories on foot.

Outside of the media, Noah has worked on research projects throughout the United States, from coal mine reforestation in Kentucky to carnivore conservation in California’s Sequoia National Park.

In his free time, Noah loves rock climbing, learning languages, and cooking with copious amounts of nutritional yeast.