I’m a journalist. Born in Almería (Spain), I grew up by the Atlantic shore in a suburb of Huelva, a forgotten corner of the country. Huelva is surrounded by jaw-dropping forests, beaches and marshes, but it’s also one of the most polluted cities in Europe. We have our own chemical plants, refinery and nuclear cemetery (not to say some of the largest mines in the continent), but nobody ever talked about us, for the good or the bad.

I realized how important it was not only to understand, but to make others understand, the complex and delicate web of life in which we dwell.

I studied journalism in Barcelona, with a specialism in political and environmental reporting. After working for a year, I moved to Vietnam, from where I traveled extensively through Southeast Asia for two long and delightful years. Then I moved back to Europe to get my MA.

Every day I’m more convinced that we must do our best to see the big picture. Understanding science is good. Understanding human relations is good. Integrating all that knowledge is the key. That’s why I studied globalization in Denmark and financial and corporate reporting in London, where I currently live and work. Little by little I get a clearer idea of the web of life I feel, so clearly, when I bike through the fragrant sandy pine forests that surround my hometown.

It’s my intention to tell the humble tale of what I see.


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