I was brought up in a family of geologists who loved their long hours of field work, and I have fond memories of the storytelling that followed. As a child I travelled all over the world with my family and inherited a voracious appetite for books from my parents. I spent my childhood in Delhi, Jodhpur, and Baroda.

My love for animals began with my pet dogs and has been growing ever since. I graduated from Miranda House, Delhi University, with a degree in Zoology and completed my masters in Environmental Studies at TERI University.

After my masters, I started working as a research assistant with an NGO in Bangalore. I was involved in several wildlife monitoring and conservation projects in the Western Ghats, India; collecting data, tiger and leopard poo and occasional bruises, then analyzing them and writing reports.

Two years later, I was awarded a research grant to study human-elephant conflict in North Bengal, which turned out to be a very rewarding experience. I recently started volunteering for a citizen science project in Bangalore, where I live with my husband and cat. We share a blog together, where we write short stories, rants and… well, other blog stuff.

Now I want to write more, about science, environment and conservation; communicate it creatively and accurately, and enjoy the process. When I am not writing, or working on research projects, I enjoy violently cuddling my cat. I also like reading and singing (much to my cat’s chagrin), hiking, riding my cycle, and going into a forest every chance I get.

Articles by Shreya Dasgupta

India plans new railway through protected areas, threatens already-imperiled wildlife

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