Spoorthy Raman

Spoorthy is an engineer-tuned-science writer who serendipitously discovered the joy of writing about science. While she loves crafting stories on many aspects of science, she finds charm with those that talk about the environment and all the living creatures around us. Having grown up in South India, close to one of the biodiversity hotspots of the world, she is enchanted by all critters—big and small—and their amazing behavior.

She started her career in science writing with the now-defunct Science Media Center at IISc. After a few months, she helped set up Research Matters, a multi-lingual online science news portal in India, and was its Managing Editor for five years. During her time at Research Matters, she has written many environmental stories concerning India, especially in light of climate change. After moving to Canada, she spent the first year writing a children’s book and a popular science book, and occasionally, some animal stories. She also writes a monthly-column about life with pets and how breakthrough science can help us form a better bond with them. Pippi, her rescued dog from the streets of India, is her muse there!

At Mongabay, she looks forward to writing intriguing, in-depth stories about science, environment and conservation, and in the process, learn a lot! When she is not working, she is busy cross-stitching her dream project, reading a book or exploring the city and its trails with her husband and her dog.