VinodGrowing up on the tropical island of Sri Lanka, I was exposed to the wonders of its biodiversity from a young age. Exploring its jungles, coastline and hills I developed a deep love for Sri Lanka’s environment. However, as Sri Lanka developed as a nation I began to see its natural resources dwindle. It was this growing concern, coupled with my thirst for travel, adventure and the love for the outdoors that spurred me onto pursing an education in the environmental field. Upon completing my BA in Environmental Studies and Geography at Macalester College, MN (USA) I moved back to Sri Lanka in the summer of 2014 to begin working in the environmental field. Initially, I was engaged in a 3-month assignment at a coast conservation project on the southern coast of Sri Lanka. Upon completion, I took on the role as Coordinator Operations for the Federation of Environmental Organizations of Sri Lanka, which strives to function as the umbrella organization for the conservation community.

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