Vitor Prado dos Anjos

Vitor is a social anthropologist from Brazil doing research in environmental humanities and Indigenous ethnology. He works at the intersection of conservation science and humanities, and he hopes to contribute to the ecological restoration of Brazil’s Atlantic Forest. He did ethnographic research with traditional fishing communities in Rio de Janeiro, seeking to understand how environmental degradation and climate change are being experienced at a local level.

Apart from his academic career, Vitor seeks to bridge the gap between academia and the general population through the dissemination of scientific knowledge. He believes that environmental journalism has an important role in raising awareness of the critical issues facing our planet, but his interest also encompasses the positive human impacts on the environment. He likes to study and write about how Indigenous peoples contribute to conservation and biodiversity.

Vitor hopes to one day have the chance to visit the northern part of Brazil and conduct research in the Amazonian Rainforest.