Mongabay, a non-profit news media organization, currently seeks a Program Manager to oversee and manage the operations of Mongabay-Latin America (Mongabay-Latam) an online Spanish-language environmental news service. Mongabay is only seeking candidates in Peru and Colombia.

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Since 1999 has become as one of the top sources for tropical forest news, analysis, and information on the Internet. The site today draws more than two million visitors per month, making it among the most visited eco-focused destinations on the Internet. In 2008, was honored by Time Magazine as one of the 15 best “green” sites on the Web. is now expanding its Spanish language coverage of environmental and conservation news in Latin America – Mongabay-Latam. The initiative, which will be hosted on, will include original reporting; summarization of news stories from other sources, including Mongabay’s English-language site; and analysis. Mongabay-Latam articles will be disseminated through social media channels, especially Twitter and Facebook.

Mongabay-Latam may not have a physical presence (office) in Latin America. We expect to hire a team in either Peru or Colombia and build a network of freelance correspondents who will report remotely from other Latin American countries. The Mongabay-Latam team will work remotely as independent contractors of, a U.S. 501(c)(3) organization.


The Program Manager will manage the staff and operation of Mongabay-Latam, including strategic planning; building partnerships with Spanish-language media outlets, especially newspapers; coordinating contributions from freelance journalists; handling outreach and promotion; interacting with the Mongabay-Latam board and staff; managing the web site, including curating and posting content; managing the finances and budget, including payments to staff and bookkeeping. The Program Manager will report to the CEO and operations manager of

The Program Manager will work with staff editors and writers to curate the content that appears on the web site. Therefore he or she should have strong analytical skills and the ability to discern what stories are important and of interest to readers. Knowledge and familiarity with environmental issues and/or forests are strong positives.

The Program Manager must be a native Spanish speaker and fluent in English. He or she should have strong communication skills, possess decent writing skills, and be able to work independently to meet deadlines. Experience in journalism or media is a bonus.

The Program Manager must have excellent organizational skills and should have experience managing a team.

The Program Manager must be based in either Colombia or Peru.


3 or more years experience and demonstrated talent in managing a team or organization is required. An ability to work independently is required.

Strong written and verbal communication skills and excellent attention to detail required. Solid command of English and Spanish (native speaker) is required.

The ideal candidate will have experience in partnership building. Having contacts in media is a strong positive since one of the Program Manager’s duties will be establishing partnerships with newspapers and other media outlets.

Candidates should possess good technical skills, including working experience with Microsoft office and social media, especially Twitter and Facebook. Familiarity with Word Press and basic HTML coding is a bonus.

Must be able to work with tight deadlines. Must be responsive to headquarters via email.

Personal integrity and ability to maintain confidentiality is required. Candidates should have basic understanding of best practices of content use on the Internet (e.g. respecting copyright, responding to “take down” requests).

Ability to manage payroll responsibly and effectively is required. Ability to build a team and evaluate employee performance is mandatory.

Proficiency in analyzing social media data to understand the effectiveness of campaigns and strategies is beneficial.

Regular access to the Internet is required. Must be willing to commit to full-time role (40 hours a week) and available during regular business hours.


Mongabay aims to offer competitive pay rates that will attract, retain, and motivate our full-time contractors. You are free to submit a pay range when applying.



For this role, applications must be submitted in English.

For questions, please contact [email protected].

Mongabay does not and will not discriminate in the engagement of contractors on the basis of race, sex, age, handicap, religion, sexual orientation, or any other basis prohibited by applicable law.