Registration open for April 13 Mongabay webinar: How to Cover Coastal Climate Solutions

Are you interested in learning how to better cover coastal climate adaptation or mitigation efforts? Or are you looking for story ideas for your next piece? Come join Mongabay’s next webinar in our ‘How to Cover’ series.

Mongabay is hosting its next installment in our free webinar series for journalists on April 13th, exploring ‘How to Cover Coastal Climate Solutions.’ This webinar will feature a panel of experts who study, report, and work on restoring and protecting coastal ecosystems, communities, and the impacts of climate change upon them.

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Event details

When: April 13th at 5pm EDT/2pm PDT/10pm GMT/(April 14th) 7am AEST

Where: Live on Mongabay’s YouTube Channel, Twitter and LinkedIn

Register: Click here and tell a friend!

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The experts 

Erica Gies

Erica Gies is an award-winning independent journalist who writes about water, climate change, plants and critters for Scientific American, The New York Times, Nature, Mongabay, The Atlantic, The Guardian, National Geographic, The Washington Post and others. She is a National Geographic Explorer and the author of Water Always Wins: Thriving in an age of drought and deluge.

Dr. Richard Lilley

Dr. Richard Lilley is a co-founder and the Chief Development Officer at Project Seagrass. He has spent the last decade developing and implementing seagrass research, conservation, and restoration programs in collaboration with coastal communities. Project Seagrass works internationally to develop tools to improve seagrass ecosystem awareness, monitoring and management. Dr. Lilley has worked on seagrass research projects in the Caribbean, Indo-Pacific, North Atlantic and Mediterranean bioregions, with a personal focus on the sustainable supply chain management of small-scale capture fisheries.

Dr. Nicholas Murray

Dr. Nicholas Murray is a senior lecturer in Global Ecology and Conservation at James Cook University in Australia. He has published extensive scientific literature on ecosystem dynamics, earth observation, global change, coastal ecology, and conservation science. His work has been recognized with awards including the Eureka Prize (as part of a global conservation team), the IUCN Commission on Ecosystem Management, and the Australian Academy of Science ASPIRE Prize for innovation. Nick also leads the international Global Intertidal Change project, using Earth observation archives to comprehensively monitor change across the world’s coastal ecosystems.

Image source: Coral reefs off South Kona. Photo by Rhett Butler.

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