Story Pitches: Two opportunities to write about oceans and fisheries for Mongabay

It’s 2019, and science leaves little doubt that the world’s oceans are changing, fast. Temperatures and high-tide lines are rising. PH and sea ice are declining. Some species are moving into new geographies; others are succumbing to overfishing and other pressures. At the same time, humanity’s interaction with the sea is changing, too.

Mongabay is pleased to announce two special reporting initiatives focused on the status of the oceans around the world with a focus on marine conservation and the fishing industry. We welcome story proposals from experienced journalists for articles to be published by December 2019.

The Indonesian Fisheries reporting initiative will examine the country’s unrivaled marine biodiversity, the methods of its fishing sector, and communities grappling with the fallout from overfishing by devising new ways to manage and protect marine ecosystems.

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The Sea Change reporting initiative will explore innovative practices, policies, and technologies in marine conservation and the fishing industry. We will cover a wide variety of story lines around the globe, while prioritizing those that focus on efforts to reduce illegal, unregulated and unreported (IUU) fishing in overfished regions, and on developments in China, Indonesia, India, West Africa, and the South Pacific.

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