Team hired its first staff members in April 2012 with the formation of Mongabay-Indonesia. Since then, the team has continued to grow.

Aji Wihardandi Aji Wihardandi
Senior Writer and Editor, Mongabay-Indonesia
Aji is a senior reporter and editor who has experience working for the mainstream media in Indonesia, including television and print media. Aji has also worked with an international environmental NGO in East Kalimantan. Before joining Aji was working in the U.S. Consulate in Surabaya.

Brittany Stewart Brittany Stewart
Volunteer and Intern Coordinator, Mongabay
Brittany lives in Louisville, KY and manages more than 100 interns and volunteers who contribute their time, writing, and other skills to She also works in the Flight Publications department for UPS and is a member of the UPS Green Team, which aims to reduce the company’s impact on the environment. Outside of work, Brittany spends her time volunteering with a wildlife refuge.

Jeremy Hance Jeremy Hance
Senior Writer and Editor,
Jeremy is Mongabay's Senior Writer and Editor. Jeremy started writing for in 2007 and became the site's first intern in 2008. He became's second employee in 2009 before transitioning over to in October 2013.

Lidwina Marcella Lidwina Marcella
Social Media Coordinator, Mongabay-Indonesia
A youth activist and experienced with a variety of social media activities, "Chea" serves as Mongabay-Indonesia's Social Media Coordinator and is also involved with the site's university outreach programs. Prior to joining Mongabay, she worked on campaigns for several Indonesian environmental NGOs.

Rhett Butler Rhett Butler
President and Executive Director,
Rhett is the President and Executive Director of Rhett launched in 2012 after running 13 years of running, a popular environmental science and conservation news web site. He continues to serve as President and Executive Editor of

Ridzki Sigit Ridzki Sigit
Program Manager, Mongabay-Indonesia
Ridzki serves as Program Manager for Mongabay-Indonesia. He previously served as the Executive Director of Telapak, an alliance of Indonesian NGOs, and Gekko Studio, an audio-visual production house focused on developing environmental media.

Sapariah Saturi Sapariah Saturi
Senior Writer and Editor, Mongabay-Indonesia
"Arie" is a senior reporter and editor who has experience working for the mainstream media in Indonesia, including several national publications. She focuses primarily on political, human rights, and economics stories for Mongabay-Indonesia.

Tiffany Roufs Tiffany Roufs
SRI coordinator,
Tiffany coordinates's Special Reporting Initiatives (SRI) Program and helps with other projects. Outside of work, Tiffany is an amateur photographer.

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