Requesting proposals for a consultant to evaluate a Mongabay project

Apply by August 25th, 2020 for a project evaluation consultancy. Mongabay is seeking a short-term consultant to conduct an external evaluation and provide an independent assessment of achievements generated by Mongabay and its partners as a result of the project “Addressing illegal deforestation through investigative journalism.” This 30-month-long project supports collaboration between Mongabay, Earthsight, The

Indonesia palm oil investigation shortlisted for Fetisov Journalism Award

This week, the Fetisov Journalism Award announced its shortlist of features in contention for prizes this year, and a Mongabay report produced in collaboration with The Gecko Project is included in the “Excellence in Environmental Journalism” category. The feature, “The secret deal to destroy paradise,” is the third installment of Indonesia for Sale, an in-depth investigative

110,000+ signatures: Petition inspired by Mongabay story on a pristine but threatened PNG island keeps growing

A petition inspired by a Mongabay story has topped its goal of 110,000 signatures, and keeps growing. “Logging, mining companies lock eyes on a biodiverse island like no other” was published on July 31st by Mongabay and the online petition appeared about 10 days later after the story garnered much attention on social media platforms.

[VIDEO] ‘Dawning Anew’ environmental journalism discussion at CU Boulder

In March, Mongabay staff were invited to visit the University of Colorado-Boulder to discuss our model for non-profit environmental journalism with their journalism students and environmental reporting fellows. As part of that trip an evening public discussion was planned – “Global Environmental Journalism: Under Siege or Dawning Anew?”– featuring Mongabay’s founder Rhett A. Butler and two contributing

CU-Boulder and Mongabay to discuss environmental journalism, 3/20

Mongabay staff and writers will join a panel discussion hosted by the University of Colorado-Boulder’s Center for Environmental Journalism (CEJ) on March 20th on the topic, “Global Environmental Journalism: Under Siege or Dawning Anew?” On the panel are photojournalist and CEJ deputy director Michael Kodas, Mongabay’s Editor-in-Chief and CEO Rhett Butler, and two Mongabay writers with CU ties:

New Reporting Opportunities: Asia-Focus

Mongabay is excited to announce four new reporting opportunities within our Mongabay Reporting Network program. Articles produced under these four opportunities will be focused on Asia: Asian rhinos, Indonesian Coal, Mekong dams and Infrastructure expansion in Indonesia, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea. Asian Rhinos Asian rhinoceroses are amongst the world’s rarest and most threatened animals.

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN – China Tries to Clean Up Its Fish Farms [Slide Show]

Mongabay Special Reporting Initiative fellow and photographer Dominic Bracco II has published a slideshow titled: New practices in China’s ocean and lake farms are intended to raise healthier seafood while polluting the water less.

Write about palm oil for Mongabay

Through the end of 2016, Mongabay will commission scores of articles about palm oil under a special program. These will examine a variety of aspects of the industry, many of which have not been closely considered. Journalists across the world are invited to pitch sharply focused stories about events, findings, successes, failures, problems, solutions and whatever else

Mongabay Is Hiring (Four Positions)

Thanks for your incredible interest in these positions! Due to the high number of strong candidates who applied for roles at Mongabay, we’re freezing the application process for now. Please check this page at the end of the January to see whether we’ve re-opened the application process. For those of you who applied already, we’re