Mongabay has two new jobs & one new reporting opportunity

The new and improved Mongabay has some exciting new staff and reporting opportunities.

LATIN AMERICA WRITER/EDITOR is seeking a full-time Latin America-focused contributing editor to be hired on a 3-month temporary contract (potentially renewable) to manage all Spanish-language content. The contributing editor will be expected to consistently produce their own Spanish-language articles on Latin American-related environmental topics, while managing, editing, and posting all submissions from our team of worldwide contributors. Location restrictions apply. Read more about the Latin America Writer/Editor position and how to apply.


Mongabay is seeking a full-time writer to be hired on a temporary three-month contract to write multiple daily posts, respond to breaking news in the world of conservation, cover newly released research, and write blog-like summaries of third party stories as well as Mongabay features. The main focus of coverage would be wildlife, forests, and oceans for our fast-growing non-profit newsroom. Location restrictions apply. Read more about the Staff Writer position and how to apply.


In recent years there has been a significant shift in global conservation priorities and strategies. Mongabay’s “evolving conservation” reporting initiative will explore the inherent dichotomies of this shift, seeking to understand the merits of differing approaches to conservation, where the sector is headed, and what is clearly working and not working. Read more about this reporting opportunity and how to apply.

There are even more reporting opportunities currently open at Mongabay. Read about them here.