Updating Mongabay’s pitch process: covering global issues with regional teams

As an international nonprofit news outlet, a large part of Mongabay’s mission is to support a global network of journalists to report on critical ecosystems and socio-environmental issues. We believe that working with reporters based in the regions they cover improves our ability to frequently provide original news that is relevant to both local and international audiences.

Mongabay is commissioning in more languages.

With so many stories going untold by mass media outlets, Mongabay works to fill this information gap by prioritizing stories in regions that are facing acute environmental threats. In order to work with a broader network of potential contributors, Mongabay is creating more opportunities for journalists to publish in their primary language. By establishing multi-lingual editorial teams that are organized by region, Mongabay can now review pitches in English, French, Hindi, Portuguese, and Spanish. To pitch a story to Mongabay, contributors need to select the team that is most relevant to their pitch so it reaches the appropriate editors.

Please refer to the following pages for guidance on priority topics for each region:

These regional forms are used for multiple reporting projects and include links to more specific guidance.

Providing more insight into Mongabay’s editorial priorities

Our goal for this update to Mongabay’s opportunities page is to provide contributors with more up-to-date information about Mongabay’s editorial projects and their requirements. In addition to providing contributors with suggested topics, themes, and reporting approaches, these project pages also include information on Mongabay’s standards and practices that are consistent across the organization. The list of topics shared on the opportunities page will be updated to reflect Mongabay’s current reporting needs.

If you have questions about how to pitch, please email [email protected].