Register for Mongabay’s Oceans & Fisheries Webinar on July 28

Are you a journalist looking to inform your reporting on oceans-related coverage? Are you interested in learning more about oceans and fisheries in general?

Fish_coral reef_Egypt

Anthias swim above a shallow coral reef in a marine park in the Red Sea, Egypt. Image by Alex Mustard / Ocean Image Bank

On July 28, please join Mongabay for an upcoming webinar on oceans and fisheries. During this webinar,  which is part of our free webinar series for journalists, expert panelists from the University of British Columbia, Ecotrust Canada, and Hakai Magazine will discuss emerging impacts on our oceans such as plastic pollution, bottom trawling, overfishing, and climate change as well as fisheries, law, regulations, and how reporters can cover these issues. 

If you’re looking to gain broad insight, resources, story ideas and tips on how to cover these kinds of issues, join us Thursday, July 28!

Webinar registration and details

Date and time

July 28th, 5 pm EDT/2 pm PDT.

Location: Live on Mongabay’s YouTube Channel.


Please register here and tell a friend.

Pitch Mongabay a story

If you have a story idea, please submit your pitch via Mongabay’s Opportunities page. There, you’ll find a variety of paid reporting opportunities including ‘Oceans.’ Mongabay is particularly interested in coastal climate solutions, global fisheries, and fisheries in Indonesia.

The experts

Dr. William Cheung is a Professor and Director of the Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries, the University of British Columbia. He is also a Canada Research Chair in Ocean Sustainability and Global Change. He is an international leader in developing and using scenarios and models of biodiversity and ecosystem services to understand the responses and vulnerabilities of marine human-natural systems to global change. His work addresses policy-relevant research questions and cuts across multiple disciplines, from oceanography to ecology, economics and social sciences. His research ranges from local to global scales.

Dyhia Belhabib, PhD is an environmental scientist and researcher specializing in illegal fishing, conservation, artisanal fishing and food security. She is currently principal fisheries investigator for Ecotrust Canada and founder of Spyglass (a cooperative platform that publishes information from the Criminal Record of Fishing Vessels). Her research has investigated the link between the fishing industry and the illegal drug trade and the conflict between artisanal fishing, illegal fishing, climate change and international fishing subsidies. She has also advocated for decolonization and greater equity in ocean science.

Colin Schultz is the senior editor of Hakai Magazine. Before joining Hakai, Colin wrote for Smithsonian Magazine’s Smart News, and was a contributing writer and editor for the American Geophysical Union’s newspaper Eos. His freelance writing has appeared online or in print for Popular Science, Discover, New Scientist, Scientific American and others.

About Mongabay

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