Mongabay regularly offers opportunities for journalists, students, and nature enthusiasts to be involved with our efforts to raise awareness and report on environmental issues.


Be sure to sign up for our Special Reporting Projects email list.  We will send out email announcements every time a new reporting opportunity opens.


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Please sign up for our Special Reporting Projects email list to receive an email each time a new opportunity opens.


Mongabay Special Reporting Projects (SRPs) provide opportunities for journalists around the world to report on key environmental and conservation stories.

To pitch Mongabay a story, we advise journalists to send in pitches via the submission forms associated with one of our active SRPs. Submitting your pitch through our online forms will guarantee that your pitch will be received by the appropriate editor.

Select an area listed below to view current SRP opportunities that we are accepting pitches for. Each SRP page will provide a clear description of the scope of the project and what topic areas we are covering:

* Please note that we are not accepting any pitches outside of these areas.

What you should know before pitching your idea

The pitch submission forms located within the above listed SRP pages will ask for the following documents and basic contact information, so it is best to have these ready when submitting your pitch:

  1. Title of your pitch: We recommend a short and descriptive pitch title, something that will catch the editor’s attention and resonates with the SRP you are applying for. This could also stem from what you hope the title of your story will be. Does your pitch title summarize the main story idea?
  2. Upload your pitch: Pitches should be roughly 500 words in length and include a title for the project – anything longer than that might skew the editor’s interest. Viable pitches should clearly explain the specific subject you would like to write about in detail, your approach to covering it, and describe a few potential sources.
  3. Provide a brief sentence describing what your pitch is about: summarize your pitch in a short paragraph to allow the editor to quickly get a synopsis of your pitch.
  4. Will your story require travel: Support for travel expenses may also be provided by Mongabay. Please include and upload a preliminary budget estimate (using this template) if travel expenses will be required to carry out reporting. Do not include payments for your work in this budget estimate. Currently, travel requests are discouraged due to the coronavirus pandemic.
  5. Upload your resume or CV: your resume or CV should succinctly capture your experience, skills, accomplishments, and educational background, etc., as applicable.
  6. List media outlets, links, or clips to your work: include a short list of where your work has been published, including links to some of the stories you feel best to reflect your talents.

Once you have completed the submission form and uploaded the requested documents, remember to hit the [submit] button. Mongabay staff will review and respond to your pitch within 3 weeks. Unsolicited pitches sent via email or chat may not receive any response.

When a Mongabay editor responds to a pitch, contributors may be asked to refine the story idea or scope before approval. New contributors should expect to be contacted by Mongabay’s operations team to sign an agreement and establish payment processes.